Promotion Video

2013, Garia
The use of digital animation makes it possible to show a fast assembly and mechanical details. On top of that, it's mush cheaper that shooting real video.

  • Animating an injection-image
  • Animating an injection-image
  • Animating an injection-image

Animating an injection

This slideshow illustrates what digital 3D renderings can display

3D rendering of mobile lift

2012, Ergolet

Logistics video

Logistics video

2011, Novo Nordisk
A video showing the logistics involved in producing an insulin pen. The video was a part of an internal training package.



2012, Kjærgaarden Auto
Design, CMS, Leasing calculator, booking calendar...



2012, Jejsing friskole
Design and CMS system. A Concrete5 solution ensures that the client can make updates and new pages with almost no training.

  • Instruction for use-image
  • Instruction for use-image
  • Instruction for use-image

Instruction for use

2012, PNN Medical
Animated instructions placed on a usb stick or on the web are much more intuitive. The result is fewer complaints, less printed material and satisfied customers.

NovoPen 5 promotion video

2011, Novo Nordisk
The new NovoPen has a built in memory function, that helps the user keep track of the injections.

  • Product information-image
  • Product information-image
  • Product information-image

Product information

2008, Dansac
A video showing the advantages of a new generation of ostomy pouches

A movie about a wave energy device

Movie produced using live footage, 3D animation, voice over and after effects.


Playing with materials

Novolet discontinued

2009, Novo Nordisk


Drug interaction with human cells



2009, Morch Fashion
Design and flash animations


2011, WavePiston

2008, Mix company



2013, Ventura guitars
Concrete5 solution with webshop and credit card payment.


2013, Martei Korley



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2C er et udviklingshus, der løser tekniske udviklingsopgaver for kunder.

Danfoss Semco-image

Danfoss Semco

Danfoss Semco has 50 years of experience in the design, engineering and delivery of variety of fire fighting systems for the demanding marine and offshore industries



Dansac is an international company that develops, manufactures and distributes stoma care products.



Ergolet is a global company dedicated to the safe and comfortable transfer of individuals who require mobility assistance.



Garia - the ultimate luxury golf and leisure car.
Garia is created through a visionary innovation and development process and built from the very best materials of the automotive industry.

Kjærgaarden Auto-image

Kjærgaarden Auto

Kjærgaarden Auto Sells Ford, Nissan og Chevrolet in Denmark

Novo Nordisk-image

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care

OS grafik-image

OS grafik

Ole Søndergaard is known around the world for his many graphic designs and his unique craft-based approach to design in all its guises.

PNN Medical-image

PNN Medical

Pnn Medical A/S is a company with long experience specialising in minimally invasive medical devices for urology.

Teknisk museum-image

Teknisk museum

The Danish Museum of Science and Technology is a private institution, founded in 1911 in Copenhagen